Immunity Project


Faves from Y Combinator Demo Day

Dr. Reid Rubsamen of the Immunity Project is working to deliver a free vaccine to prevent HIV and AIDs. He was one of the 75 founders who pitched at Y Combinator demo day.

Inc. Magazine’s 25 Most Audacious Companies

Developing a groundbreaking vaccine isn’t the only audacious part of Immunity Project. The startup is also trying to change the way medical breakthroughs get funded.

40 People Who Are Living Proof You Can Make It In Silicon Valley After 40

Immunity Project’s CEO and co-founder, Reid Rubsamen, is the oldest person to ever be admitted to Y Combinator at the age of 56 . The biotech veteran and his team at Immunity Project are working on a vaccine to cure HIV/AIDS – and then giving it away to the world for free. That is truly something special.

TakePart Live Interview

Eliciting cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses from synthetic vectors containing one or two epitopes in a C57BL/6 mouse model

We describe a vaccine delivery mechanism consisting of a synthetic, non-living vector of large d,l poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA) microspheres that carry specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes.

If the Immunity Project crowdfunds this synthetic AIDS vaccine, they’ll offer it free to everyone

The Y Combinator-backed project discovered how to mimic natural immunity to HIV. Now it’s trying to raise $482,000 in 30 days to prove it works.

With Y Combinator Support, HIV Vaccine Maker Immunity Project Looks For Crowdfunding

Technology accelerator Y Combinator has given seed funding and mentorship to more than 600 early-stage companies in the last decade, most offering high-tech fixes to problems besetting the Internet or the business world.

Y Combinator backs its second non-profit, Immunity Project, aimed at developing an HIV vaccine

Immunity Project, a startup focused on developing a vaccine platform, has become the second non-profit organization to be backed by Y Combinator.

Tapping Rare Human Superpowers to Make HIV Vaccine

The Immunity Project’s main goal is a vaccine that harnesses the genetic gifts of “HIV controllers,” a special group of people who have a natural immunity to HIV.

Startup developing free HIV/AIDS vaccine accepted into Y Combinator

A vaccine for HIV/AIDS has been the holy grail of the medical community for decades, and these guys may have found it.