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Model Airplanes, Ink Jet Printers & Inhalable Vaccines

Special guest blog post from our team member Peter Lloyd, inhalable drug delivery expert: My dad’s a mechanical engineer and I guess that’s part of the reason I’ve been fascinated by machines all of my life.  I especially like machines that fly – I’ve been building a spruce airplane in my garage for the past […]

Flow Cytometer/Second Mice Experiment

Immunity Project is still in the process of setting up our Flow Cytometer.  It’s in a lot of pieces – our brain trust is putting it together. We have exciting news to report.  We were able to negotiate significant additional discounts with our vendors, so we are now adding an additional experiment to further validate […]

Our Flow Cytometer Arrived

Our flow cytometer arrived today from San Diego. It came off the truck packed on multiple pallets, so we get to spend today setting it up.  The flow cytometer is one of the cooler instruments in our lab- it will allow us to distinguish individual cells. Once it’s set up, we will load samples into […]

How Do You Handle HIV?

In the clinical laboratory, as well as the research laboratory, whenever we handle blood or bodily fluids, we always assume the worst, i.e., that the material is infectious. So we take the utmost precaution in handling the material. On the open bench, gloves and eye protection are the minimum. More often than not, infectious materials, […]

Experiment Update #1

Today, our contract lab in New York grafted peripheral blood monocytes from an HLA(B57) volunteer into C57BL/6 NOG mice (mice inter-bread to have no native immune system).  They will ship these mice in a few days to another contract lab in California where they will acclimatize for between one and two weeks prior to injection […]