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How we make the Immunity Project HIV vaccine candidate

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Our HIV vaccine candidate uses a unique formulation that doesn’t contain live virus or recombinant human protein. We previously described our formulation in our peer reviewed article published in the medical journal Vaccine. A key element of our approach is making precisely sized microspheres that are slightly smaller than an antigen presenting cell so we can maximize the immune response.

There are many ways to make microspheres. Our approach is to use a heavily modified spray drier and a proprietary process called Flow Focusing. Our Chief Engineer Peter Lloyd has been working for the past several years to build a Flow Focusing nozzle for the continuous production of biodegradable microspheres suitable for our HIV vaccine.

In this video, Peter shows how he is retro-fitting a Swiss Buchi 290 Spray Drier with our version of the Flow Focusing nozzle. He has removed the glassware normally attached to the spray drier to that you can see our seven nozzle assembly actually producing the microspheres that we will use in our vaccine candidate.

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