Immunity Project

Making Vaccine for a Human Clinical Trial

Return to blog home | Posted in: Blog on Jan 27, 2016 by Reid Rubsamen
Immunity Project Chief Engineer Pete Lloyd shows our new vaccine manufacturing machine to Nora Hanna, Executive Director of Until There’s A Cure. Immunity Project wouldn’t exist without incredible support of Nora and the Until There’s A Cure family.

Pete is retro-fitting this commercial pharmaceutical dry powder spray dryer with our customized, microsphere manufacturing precision aerosol generator. He will also install a laser particle sizer that will measure the size of the microspheres as they are manufactured. We will use this system to make the precisely sized microspheres required for the Immunity Project HIV vaccine.

After Pete finishes these tasks we will transfer the system from our R&D laboratory to a GMP manufacturing facility where we will make our first HIV vaccine samples for human clinical testing.