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The official record of the free HIV/AIDS vaccine.
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Lab Tour: Immunity Project Welcomes NBA Star Jermaine O’Neal

Recently Golden State Warrior’s star Jermaine O’Neal and his family visited our lab.  Our team was able to give the O’Neal’s a first-hand look at our approach for developing a vaccine for HIV and an update on our experiments.  For O’Neal, ending HIV/AIDS is a cause that is extremely personal because he recently lost a family […]

Demo Day and Experiment Update #2

Yesterday was Y Combinator demo day for our Winter 2014 batch.  Over 50 startups that went through the Y Combinator program with us presented to a room of the worlds best investors and donors.  It was a surreal experience and we are incredibly proud of our fellow batch-mates.  This tweet from PG sums up our […]

Our Structure

Immunity Project is a non-profit initiative of Flow Pharma, Inc. dedicated to developing a free HIV vaccine. Flow Pharma, Inc. is a for-profit company that was founded in 2002 to develop drug delivery technologies. The company is focused on developing technologies related to manufacturing and formulation of biodegradable microspheres. The company has spent over $1 […]