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How we make the Immunity Project HIV vaccine candidate

Our HIV vaccine candidate uses a unique formulation that doesn’t contain live virus or recombinant human protein. We previously described our formulation in our peer reviewed article published in the medical journal Vaccine. A key element of our approach is making precisely sized microspheres that are slightly smaller than an antigen presenting cell so we […]

Classy Awards 2016

We recently learned that Immunity Project has been named a Classy Awards Finalist, of the 100 most innovative nonprofits and social enterprises of 2016! This is the largest social impact awards ceremony of its kind and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with our supporters that make our work possible. We’re honored […]

Making Vaccine for a Human Clinical Trial

Immunity Project Chief Engineer Pete Lloyd shows our new vaccine manufacturing machine to Nora Hanna, Executive Director of Until There’s A Cure. Immunity Project wouldn’t exist without incredible support of Nora and the Until There’s A Cure family. Pete is retro-fitting this commercial pharmaceutical dry powder spray dryer with our customized, microsphere manufacturing precision aerosol […]

Immunity Project Update on World AIDS Day 2015

Dear Friends, Over 36 million people are living with HIV and in 2014 over 2 million people died of AIDS. The fight is far from over. Our team is committed to continuing the development of the Immunity Project HIV vaccine prototype. We won’t stop until the eradication of HIV/AIDS is complete. We deeply apologize for […]

2014 End Of Year Update

Dear Friends, Happy Holidays and New Year.  With your help and unwavering support we achieved many major milestones in 2014.  Our accomplishments: Accepted into Y Combinator’s W14 batch and we presented at Y Combinator’s S14 demo day.  Thank you to the Y Combinator family for your advice, guidance and support. Reid presenting at Y Combinator’s demo […]

Lab Tour: Immunity Project Welcomes NBA Star Jermaine O’Neal

Recently Golden State Warrior’s star Jermaine O’Neal and his family visited our lab.  Our team was able to give the O’Neal’s a first-hand look at our approach for developing a vaccine for HIV and an update on our experiments.  For O’Neal, ending HIV/AIDS is a cause that is extremely personal because he recently lost a family […]

Peer reviewed article published in Vaccine

Over the weekend we learned that Vaccine published our article on eliciting cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses from synthetic vectors containing one or two epitopes in a C57BL/6 mouse model using peptide-containing biodegradable microspheres and adjuvants.  In layperson terms, this article covers the work we did in partnership with Microsoft Research to show that our biodegradable microsphere based vaccine can elicit […]

Experiment Q&A’s

Immunity Project is dedicated to developing an HIV vaccine to give away to the world for free. Below are a few critical questions we’re currently finding answers for in the lab. Question #1: How does the vaccine interact with dendrocytes? Dendrocytes are white blood cells that interact with any foreign invader, or in this case our vaccine. […]

Experiment Update #3

We’ve completed the human blood experiments described in our previous blog post.  Results: In vitro experiment: Overview Our vaccine is intended to “teach” the human immune system to act like that of an HIV controller (a person who has a natural immunity to the HIV virus).  The goal of our in vitro experiments is to successfully […]

Demo Day and Experiment Update #2

Yesterday was Y Combinator demo day for our Winter 2014 batch.  Over 50 startups that went through the Y Combinator program with us presented to a room of the worlds best investors and donors.  It was a surreal experience and we are incredibly proud of our fellow batch-mates.  This tweet from PG sums up our […]

Model Airplanes, Ink Jet Printers & Inhalable Vaccines

Special guest blog post from our team member Peter Lloyd, inhalable drug delivery expert: My dad’s a mechanical engineer and I guess that’s part of the reason I’ve been fascinated by machines all of my life.  I especially like machines that fly – I’ve been building a spruce airplane in my garage for the past […]

Immunity Project FAQ Series #1

1.  Why Hasn’t The Neutralizing Anti-body Approach Been Effective? 2.  How Much Experience Do You And Your Team Have With HIV/AIDS Research? 3.  Why Can’t We Release Our Data From The Animal Studies?    

Flow Cytometer/Second Mice Experiment

Immunity Project is still in the process of setting up our Flow Cytometer.  It’s in a lot of pieces – our brain trust is putting it together. We have exciting news to report.  We were able to negotiate significant additional discounts with our vendors, so we are now adding an additional experiment to further validate […]

Do We Still Need an HIV Vaccine? (Video)

The video below highlights NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., discussing the continuing need for a vaccine to help end the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  Fauci is the most important U.S. government doctor and official in the fight against HIV/AIDS and is very supportive of vaccine research.  See why:

Our Flow Cytometer Arrived

Our flow cytometer arrived today from San Diego. It came off the truck packed on multiple pallets, so we get to spend today setting it up.  The flow cytometer is one of the cooler instruments in our lab- it will allow us to distinguish individual cells. Once it’s set up, we will load samples into […]

An Inside Look at Immunity Project #1

Each week we’ll be taking you inside our world to show you a day in the life of Immunity Project.  There’s lots going on and we want to make sure you are up to speed on everything that’s happening.  Check out our first video below.  We’re very excited to have you take part on this […]

How Do You Handle HIV?

In the clinical laboratory, as well as the research laboratory, whenever we handle blood or bodily fluids, we always assume the worst, i.e., that the material is infectious. So we take the utmost precaution in handling the material. On the open bench, gloves and eye protection are the minimum. More often than not, infectious materials, […]

Our Structure

Immunity Project is a non-profit initiative of Flow Pharma, Inc. dedicated to developing a free HIV vaccine. Flow Pharma, Inc. is a for-profit company that was founded in 2002 to develop drug delivery technologies. The company is focused on developing technologies related to manufacturing and formulation of biodegradable microspheres. The company has spent over $1 […]